About Our Business:
My name is Tim Yunger, I am the owner of "Custom Moulding Knives".
My early roots were as a furniture finisher at a historic restoration company. I was
only 18, but "Walter" believed in me. Thank you Walter!
Then I started grinding moulding knives 2
8 years ago at a small cabinet shop in South
Florida that had both a Williams And Hussey Moulder and a Weinig Profimat Moulder
that I learned to set up and run.
That small shop grew fast and soon had 80 employees.
My department (millwork) eventually had 9 employees and I became the Supervisor.
I then took on a similar job in Vermont for 7 years running another Weinig Profimat
Moulder and grinding Moulding Knives.
Back in January 2005 I decided to break off on my own and buy a
"Profile Knife Grinder".
After grinding at least 1000 sets of moulding knives between the 2 jobs I figured it
was time for me to grind knives for a living.
I now grind
over 1000 sets of moulding knives per year.
I take much pride in my work and am VERY fussy and meticulous.
The phrase "To the one thousandth of an inch" is a standard I live by.
I will never boast that my knives are the best in the industry, but will let my
Testimonials and Google ranking speak for themselves.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check us out.


Tim Yunger
About Us
(802) 753-7105
Services We Provide:

Moulding Knives For The Shop Fox And Williams And Hussey Moulders
Are Our Specialty
At Custom Moulding Knives our knives are precision ground on state
of the art equipment in order to get you the best results possible.
Knives are ground in sets of 2 and are balanced to within .1 gram of
each other in weight.

Modifications of profiles are allowed but at an additional cost of 20.00
per profile. By modifications we mean changing an overall size or
perhaps adding a bead or flute. If changing the size results in the
need of using larger knife blanks then an additional fee will result. If
the profile is modified smaller then smaller blanks may be required,
thus reducing the cost.

Templates (3/16" Acrylic) may be purchased at a cost of 15.00 each.
Templates are needed in order to sharpen the knives, and are very
handy to have in case you ever sell or give away the knives.

To Place An Order please call or email us. Eventually this website will
have a shopping cart and you will be able to pay right on the site. We
accept all credit cards and PayPal also. To use PayPal just request us
to email you an invoice.

CAD Drawings will be supplied upon request. That will enable you to
see the detail up close before we make the actual knives.