If you need knives while we are closed, please contact
Craig at Molding Knives. His number is 866-499-8399
and email is sales@moldingknives.com
Please let him know that Tim At Custom Moulding
Knives sent you.
Congratulations to Joshua
Malpass of Whole Log Lumber
Co. (specializing in heart pine &
antique wood) in Zirconia, NC for
being our 1000th customer, their
order was on the house. Website:
I would like to thank all of you
for your devotion to Custom
Moulding Knives, and look
forward to helping you with
your knife needs in the future.
Tim Yunger
Endurance +SR Coated (Highest Grade)- Please ask
for quote.
 For W&H and Shop Fox only.
Our new "Endurance" super run moulder steel is the best option
for extended production time and tool life. An excellent choice
cutting problem hardwoods and Lightweight MDF
and for super
long productions runs. Tool life is increased up to 600 percent over
normal High Speed Steel without the inconvenience associated
with using carbide knives. This proprietary knife coating process
uses the latest technology developed in Europe for metal working
tools. An ion sputtering magnetron chamber applies a P.V.D.
(Physical Vapor Deposit); 5 layer film of Titanium, Ceramic crystals
and other elements to the knife surface to form an "extremely hard
and heat resistant cutting edge".
Note: 3/16" Acrylic Templates may be
purchased for any profile at a cost of 15.00
each. A template is needed if you have
someone other than us sharpen the knives.
Custom Moulding Knives
Baseboard Profiles:
Current Lead Time: See Note Below
Please note the following:
At this time we are unable to take on any new customers for
custom knife orders.

For custom knives please contact:
Craig at Molding Knives. His number is 866-499-8399
and email is sales@moldingknives.com
Please let him know that Tim At Custom Moulding Knives sent you.

We will continue to be able to fill custom orders for our current
customers and can make knives from our large new catalog for all
customers, new and existing, please see link below:

Please visit our new website "Catalog Moulding Knives"
to view hundreds of new moulding profiles.
Just click here.
Custom Moulding Knives will be closed Monday
And Tuesday August 18th And 19th.

9-1/2" Arbor length, 11-3/4" max.
to 4" min. tool diameter.

Variable speed 1.5 HP motor,
1,500 - 3,000 RPM.

Manual adjustment of back
clearance angle.

Grinding wheel advance to tool
and setting of side clearance

Tilting head assembly for wheel

Flood coolant system for
grinding applications and wheel

1-1/2" Grinding Arbor
3 flanges for grinding wheels.
Lots of extra coolant filters.
Weinig brand toolbox with
some accessories in it.

Voltage: 230/60/3 phase
1995 Weinig Rondamat 934 Profile Knife Grinder
         Price: 8000.00
History Of This Grinder:

This knife grinder was used from
1996 til 2010 at a flooring
manufacturing shop in Central
Vermont that I worked at. I was the
primary operator of it and kept it
clean and well maintained. The
machine has very low hours on it
and was basically just used for
sharpening knives and grinding
some custom sets.
Machine ran perfect when I
disconnected it from power in 2011.
Machine has not been run since,
but has been in dry storage.

Local pickup would be preferred,
but the grinder is currently on my
trailer and I would be willing to
deliver it a reasonable distance.

Please email or call with any
questions. Thanks.

Email: tim@cmkvt.com

Call: 802-753-7105
Click Here For  
Printable/Downloadable Catalog.
You will be directed to our other website with same catalog.
For Sale: Weinig 934 Rondamat Knife Grinder
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Custom Made Knives:

I (Tim Yunger, the owner of Custom Moulding Knives) have been focusing on
primarily fabricating moulding knives from the profile catalog on this website
and also from my new website

For custom knives please contact:
Craig at Molding Knives. His number is 866-499-8399
and email is sales@moldingknives.com
Please let him know that Tim At Custom Moulding Knives sent you.

Click here to go to his website

He offers all the same grades of steel that I offer, and for the same machines
that I make knives for.

Thank You very much,
Tim Yunger
and am not taking on new customers for custom knives, but will
continue to make custom knives for my existing customers.
Custom Moulding Knives will be closed Monday January
21st through Friday January 25th.
For immediate assistance please contact Craig at
866-499-8399 or email sales@moldingknives.com
and make sure to mention that Tim @ CMK sent you.
Currently Available: 3 Choices Of Steel Hardness:

Need Carbides? Milling MDF? Please Inquire.

Black Nitride (High Grade)- From 24.00 per inch of steel needed.
For a cost of only 20% more than the M2 steel you get a steel that has 100% longer
run times. Most value for the money!!
This is the best all around steel we have ever made knives from (customer favorite.
Please see description down below price chart).
We offer it in both Williams and
Hussey and Shop Fox, and corrugated steel for the Woodmaster Molding Head and
for larger molders as well.

M2 HSS (Quality Grade)- From 20.50 per inch of steel needed.
M2 steel is our premium HSS. It is great for longer runs in both softwoods and
hardwoods. For even longer runs in hardwoods and exotic woods see Black Nitride

V2 HSS (Economy Grade)- From 18.00 per inch of steel needed.
V2 steel is the latest in HSS technology. It is great for long runs of softwoods and
medium runs of hardwoods.